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A brief overview and history of the Xooma Health Thru Nutrition product line.

At the core of Xooma’s success and long-term stability is our superior health and wellness products.

Our commitment to using the very best ingredients available in order to produce nutritional formulas that have real value in helping to improve people’s health has never been compromised. We continually work toward the integration of our complementary and alternative natural “medicine” with conventional medicine and therapies - especially in the field of degenerative disease.

When this company opened its doors for business in 1993, we offered our first product formulations, which we call the Metabolizer 2000 series. In keeping with our commitment to superior quality, we made certain these products had enough of the key ingredients to actually give people the results they were looking for in a safe and all-natural way. We knew that quality mattered if we really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. A prime example of this is in the high grade GTF Chromium, trade named ®ChromeMate that we use in some of our products.

In an industry where many companies formulate their weight management / energy enhancement products with other, cheaper forms of Chromium, we use ®ChromeMate to ensure the safety and therapeutic effectiveness of our products. This same high quality, results driven, safety-first approach holds true for all the natural ingredients used throughout the entire Xooma Health thru Nutrition product line.

In 1995, building on the success of our Metabolizer 2000 products, we took a quantum leap forward when we were asked to be the exclusive worldwide distributor of one of the most beneficial health supplements in the world - The Original Patented™ Alka-Line™ Sango Coral Calcium sachets from Okinawa, Japan.

For years, health experts and researchers have studied the importance of alkalizing our bodies and neutralizing free radicals by raising the pH levels within the body. However, until 1995, a single supplement had yet to be uncovered that could accomplish this critical task. Now, thanks to a magnificent discovery by a Japanese company in Okinawa, Sango Coral Calcium is that long awaited supplement and we were the first to bring it to the United States. Today, Alka-Line™ Coral Calcium is one of our top selling products and is the only coral processed with a patented procedure which assures there are no contaminants from the ocean, again, reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety.

Perhaps one of our most important discoveries is in the battle against cancer. Xooma’s Health Thru Nutrition Ellagic Acid is a special substance found in raspberries and is one of the most powerful all-natural

ingredients for fighting unhealthy cell growth.  In laboratory and clinical studies, Ellagic Acid has been shown to promote healthy cell growth function in people diagnosed with cancer. Amazingly, Ellagic Acid is currently one of only two substances scientifically proven to initiate natural cell death in live cancer cells, (the other being a specific grape seed extract which is found in our OptiBerry product).

In addition to the products already mentioned, our nutraceutical line offers many other all-natural formulations for optimizing your health thru nutrition. For example, our Alka-Line™ Coral Calcium along with our products known as Assimilator, Berry Balance, Omega 3/75, and Nature’s SBO’s, make up what is known as our “Pak-of-Life Plus More” which, in our opinion, is the most powerful total health system on the market today. Other one-of-a-kind products include our Joint Health, Life’s Harmony (natural progesterone) for female hormonal balance and FocusUp an all natural energy drink that benefits the mind helping with clarity providing food for the brain.

We were the first to bring prominence to the acid/alkaline balance that is now being promoted by many health professionals. We were the first to bring products like Ellagic Acid and Berry Balance to the marketplace. We are also the first company to market an Omega 3 oil product refined to a 75% concentration. And now we're the first to offer MetaboWize - the most effective long term weight management and body “fat-loss” product in the market today.

Our never-ending commitment to being the BEST is why you can always count on Xooma’s Health Thru Nutrition to provide you with the most cutting edge products in the health and wellness industry and more “firsts” than anyone else. It’s because of this commitment that we continue to enjoy steady growth throughout our worldwide distribution network. As a result, our distributors confidently share the health thru nutrition plan for optimum health and long-term wealth with everyone they know, love, and care about. Thanks to them, this company has “stood the test of time” by being in business for over 15 years now. And during that time, we've been able to touch tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world.

We sincerely encourage you and your family to discover the life-changing health benefits this product line has to offer. After all, you can’t enjoy true wealth unless you maintain good health!

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